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Established in 1968, the Medshield medical aid scheme has (as of 2014) over 76,459 principal members and a total beneficiary base of 161,456 people. It's currently the fourth largest medial aid scheme in the country.

Medshield has a global credit rating of AA- and an impressive solvency ratio of over 55.93%, which is well above the regulated benchmark. It's a financially solid medical aid with proven ability to pay members' claims quickly and in full.

Who should use this provider?

Medshield’s range of medical aid options caters for all age and income groups. Whether you’re an active, single person with no financial constraints, a member of a growing family for which cost-effective medical aid is the primary concern, or an elderly retiree who suffers from a chronic condition, this medical scheme has a product suited to your healthcare needs.

Medshield Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • All members have free access to Medshield's "Aid for AIDS" programme and an oncology programme helps manage treatment plans for cancer patients.
  • A chronic medication management programme authorises payment for high-quality, cost-effective medications for specified chronic conditions.
  • A disease management programme supports the management of chronic diseases, including diabetes, coronary heart disease and asthma.
  • Members and their dependants have access to free emergency services.

Medshield Medical Aid Plans

  • Designed for customers who require comprehensive hospital cover and offers unlimited in-hospital benefits at a network of hospitals, appealing maternity benefits, basic dentistry, cover for specialists,GP's surgical procedures and optical visits paid by the scheme.
    This option offers decent day-to day cover as well as hospitalization!

  • The perfect product for middle income families with high day-to-day medical costs and includes an: unlimited overall annual for in hospital cover at a network of  hospitals,maternity consultations, dentistry & offers descent cover for: GP and optometry visits.

  • Provides generous limited annual hospital cover, essential day-to-day benefits, attractive maternity benefits and cover for 26 PMB chronic conditions and is ideal for single, healthy individuals.

  • This option is suitable for members that require descent savings amounts for out of hospital benefits and covers members at a network of excellent private hospitals at 200% of the scheme's rate.

    A separate maternity benefit is provided and there's a chronic benefit for: 26 PMB conditions and 54 additional conditions.

Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can: