Established in 2004, Momentum is an affiliate of the Momentum Group, which is part of one of the largest financial institutions in the country, FirstRand. With a membership of over 90,000 families, Momentum is the fifth largest medical aid provider in South Africa.

It has a solvency ratio of over 30% and a global credit rating of A+, indicating outstanding financial health.

Who should use this provider?

Momentum's range of six medical aid options has been designed to cater for all types of members, from low-income, entry-level customers to more mature clients who require high-end cover for unlimited hospitalisation, chronic medication and day-to-day medical expenses.

Momentum Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • You can save up to 35% on medical aid contributions by using “Provider Choice” options – hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in Momentum’s network.
  • A HealthReturns programme, the first of its kind in the medical schemes industry in South Africa, allows members to earn up to R3,600 by keeping themselves healthy.
  • The HealthSaver feature makes it easy for members to save for day-to-day medical expenses.
  • The HealthWaiver option guarantees medical cover for dependants in the event of the principal member’s death, impairment or critical illness.
  • The Health Funder is a savings vehicle you can use to save towards your post-retirement healthcare costs via a retirement annuity or investment plan.


Multiply is the second largest wellness programme in South Africa.

Ingwe Option

Offers affordable access to entry level cover at prescribed providers and includes hospitalization, limited to R1060 000 per family, and chronic cover for specified illnesses.
This network option is suitable for members earning between:R0 to R9900 that would like cover at a reasonable rate!


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Access Option

Provides cost effective cover for unlimited private hospitalization. Chronic and primary care day-to-day benefits are available at network providers only.
This option is suitable for members that like the concept of a network option in order to benefit from the day-to-day offered!


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Custom Option

Offers cover for unlimited hospitalization at a provider of your choice. Major medical benefits require a co-payment of R1000 except for maternity confinements, car accidents & emergency treatments.
This is a flexible option that allows members to add savings through the: Health saver( awesome benefit).
The Custom option is suitable for all sorts of members: starting with those that only require hospital cover to those that require reasonable or even huge amounts of savings.


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Incentive Option

Provides unlimited private hospitalization and average day-to-day cover. You can choose providers and a savings of 10% of contributions is allocated for day-to-day expenses.
This option is suitable for members that require good in-hospital cover and like the flexibility of adding to the savings by applying for the Health Saver benefit!


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Extender Option

Offers unlimited private hospitalization in conjunction with extensive chronic cover and day-to-day benefits at a provider of your choice.
Momentum allows members to add to the existing savings by applying for the Health Saver benefit!
Suitable for members that require comprehensive cover!


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