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CCC-logoIFC specialises in helping South Africans find the medical aid scheme that will best suit their health and budget requirements. We provide expertise on a wide range of the best known South African medical aids, allowing us to provide you with a broad spectrum of solutions to your medical aid requirements.

Medical Aid Consultants

IFC is driven by a passion for quality service and professionalism, and we endeavour to make the process of finding a suitable medical aid package as fast and simple as possible. Our consulting services are free, and we handle all paperwork related to your medical policy and application, providing you with expert advice and after-sales service at no cost.

In order to help our clients to make the best medical aid selection, we give them the tools they need to quickly and easily compare medical aid schemes, find out which medical aid services cover their chronic conditions, and advise on all aspects of joining a medical aid scheme.

We also offer new medical aid members advice on which life cover and gap cover products would best suit their needs, helping them to save money, secure lifestyle benefits, and avoid the pitfalls associated with inflated private medical care costs.

IFC ensures that all new clients understand the terms and conditions attached to their health insurance policies, and are able to translate the complicated jargon and terminology associated with the medical aid industry, presenting clients with clear, easy-to-understand options.

IFC Website Features

Our website features a wealth of useful information for those in search of medical aid coverage, life cover, gap cover or lifestyle benefit plans. We provide objective, detailed profiles of all the major players in the medical aid industry, and allow you to compare the schemes offered by these companies on our medical aid comparison page.

You can also find out which medical aid provider covers your chronic conditions on our chronic cover page, download medical aid application forms, or learn more about how medical aid products work with our useful guide to medical aids and FAQ section.

If any questions remain unanswered after browsing our online services, feel free to email us or call one of our consultants for professional service with a personal touch!

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