2022 Medical Aid Costs in South Africa

medical aid costs in south africa

Medical aid costs in South Africa in 2022 are dependent upon the type of medical aid plan you subscribe to.

Monthly contributions are based on the benefit structure, and the level of cover it provides.

Types of medical aid in South Africa

There are two core categories of medical aid available in South Africa; comprehensive plans and hospital plans.

Comprehensive plans provide extensive in-hospital benefits at private health-care facilities, together with generous chronic medication and day-to-day cover.

The level of cover provided, and the annual limits imposed, is plan-dependent.

Comprehensive medical aid options are directed at young, fast-growing families and senior citizens.

Hospital plans cover the costs of consultations and treatments conducted in hospital. There are typically no day-to-day benefits.

As entry-level options targeting young, healthy individuals, these types of plans are more cost-effective.

Hospital plans range from income-based plans and network options to plans with limited savings.

Factors affecting medical aid costs

Benefit level is the key determining factor of medical aid costs in South Africa.

Comprehensive medical aid plans, which cover all healthcare services without imposing co-payments and annual limits, are more expensive than mid- and entry-level comprehensive options.

Similarly, hospital plans with savings components cost more than basic hospital plans with no day-to-day cover.

Independent Service Providers vs. Designated Service Providers

Where members and their beneficiaries go for treatment and care has a major impact on medical costs.  

More expensive medical aid plans cover the costs of consultations and treatment in full at any non-network GP, specialist, hospital and independent service provider (ISP).

With income-based and entry-level plans, the converse is true. Members are only covered when they use designated service providers (DSPs) within a scheme network.

As schemes negotiate rates with DSPs, monthly contributions are capped at more reasonable levels.  

Medical aid costs in 2022

Here are five examples of what you can expect to pay for medical aid in 2022 based on core categories:

Type of medical aid

Benefit overview

Monthly cost for a

family of three

Hospital plan

Unlimited cover at any hospital. Network GPs and specialists are covered at the scheme rate. Unlimited radiology, pathology, organ transplants and dialysis benefits at DSPs only. Limited cover for oncology and internal prostheses. A chronic benefit covers 27 conditions.

R5,762 on Bonitas Hospital Standard

Hospital plan with savings

Unlimited cover at network hospitals. Limited benefits for network GPs, specialists, oncology, dialysis and internal prostheses. Cover for 26 prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) at DSPs only. Day-to-day expenses are covered from savings.

R8,067 on Medshield MediSaver

Income-based plan

Unlimited hospital benefits at network providers. No annual limits on oncology or radiology and pathology in-hospital. Internal prostheses and dialysis are covered on a PMB basis. Limited day-to-day benefits at network providers.

R8,595 on Fedhealth MyFed on an income of R14,427 and above

Semi-comprehensive plan

Unlimited hospital cover at 100% of the scheme rate. Network GPs and specialists are covered in full. Limited oncology and internal prostheses benefits. Day-to-day benefits are paid from savings.  

R11,952 on Bonitas BonClassic


Unlimited hospital cover at 300% of the scheme rate at any hospital. Generous oncology benefits and unlimited prostheses cover at network providers. Day-to-day benefits are covered by a comparatively large savings pool.

R18,182 on Discovery Executive

Why it’s not a good idea to give up medical aid in 2022

Although the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be over, it has re-affirmed the need for medical aid cover.

Healthcare emergencies can and do strike at any time. Without access to the very best hospitals, specialists and associated healthcare providers, the odds of full recovery are not that favourable.

If you don’t have medical aid, now is the time to explore the available options.

What we offer at IFC

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