6 Best Hospital Plans in South Africa in 2022

hospital plans 2022

Selecting a hospital plan from the myriad medical aid scheme options available can be challenging.

In this article, we select six of the best hospital plans in South Africa in the following categories:

Best low-cost hospital plan

Bonitas BonEssential Select is an entry-level hospital plan operating on the provider network. Unlimited procedures and treatments conducted at network hospitals are paid for in full.

Limited cover is provided for expenses relating to mental health, physical rehabilitation, blood tests, scans and kidney dialysis. Procedure-specific co-payments apply.

Members have access to basic maternity, child-care and preventative-care benefits. A benefit booster, available under the wellness benefit, can be used to cover certain day-to-day expenses.

Best hospital plan with savings

Discovery Health’s Classic Delta Saver option is the best of both worlds. It offers extensive in-hospital cover coupled with a medical savings account (MSA).

Healthcare services conducted in-hospital are covered in full at Delta network facilities. Consultations with network specialists are included. Non-network healthcare providers are covered at 200% of the scheme rate.

A quarter of the monthly contribution is allocated to the member’s savings account. Once the funds in the MSA are depleted, an extender benefit kicks in to cover day-to-day claims.

In addition to an annual oncology benefit, there’s cover for 27 Chronic Disease List (CDL) conditions. Chronic medicines, listed on the scheme formulary, are paid in full.

A range of condition-specific care programmes, offering additional benefits, tools and services, are available to members registered on the respective programmes.

Best hospital plan for seniors

Momentum Health’s Incentive option is a hybrid medical aid plan tailored for the elderly.

It offers extensive in-hospital benefits, chronic cover for 26 CDL conditions and 10% of contributions are held as savings to cover day-to-day medical expenses.

Generous oncology benefits, as well as cover for medical rehabilitation, private nursing, step-down facilities and hospice, are included in the major medical benefit.

Access to health-management programmes, preventative-care benefits and early-detection tests are enabled through the health platform benefit.

Members who elect to use hospitals, doctors and pharmacies on the Momentum Health associated network are eligible for a discount on their monthly contributions.

Best family-friendly hospital plan

FlexiFed 2 is a low-cost customisable hospital plan by Fedhealth. It’s targeted at starter families and offers generous maternity and childhood benefits.

Limited day-to-day benefits cover a range of health-related costs, from infant audiology tests, postnatal midwife consultations and specialised radiology to seven days take-home medication post an event.

A variety of tests, healthcare assessments and vaccinations are covered by a screening benefit. Included for the first time in 2022 is the HPV vaccine for girls aged between nine and 14 years.

By choosing to use network hospitals, or pay a co-payment for elective surgeries, members can reduce their monthly contributions.

Best hospital plan for private healthcare 

Discovery Health’s Classic Core option offers unlimited benefits, paid in full, at any private hospital in South Africa.

Network specialists are covered. Providers outside of the network are covered at 200% of the scheme rate. Approved chronic medicines dispensed by a designated pharmacist are covered.

As a pure hospital plan, members on the Classic Core plan have limited access to day-to-day cover. Nominal maternity benefits and cover for evacuation services and preventative screening tests fall into this category.

Cover is available for 27 conditions on the Chronic Disease List. An advanced illness benefit provides unlimited cover for palliative care at home.

Best hospital plan for young, single individuals

The Aspire Prime option by Health Squared is an affordable, integrated solution for healthy, young people.

Members have unlimited access to healthcare at private network hospitals, paid at 100% of the scheme rate. Maternity and antenatal care benefits are part of the package.

In addition to full cover for 29 chronic conditions, limited day-to-day benefits include GP, physiotherapy and psychology consultations at network providers.

Get the best hospital plan advice at IFC medical aid brokers

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