Affinity Health Ranked Number 1 on Hellopeter (By Miles)

affinity health ranked number 1 on hellopeter

When it comes to customer satisfaction, South African health insurance provider Affinity Health is ranked number one.

That’s according to legions of happy clients who’ve rated and reviewed the insurer on Hellopeter, an independent business ratings platform.

Affinity Health ratings by customers

Of the 2,985-plus online ratings allocated to Affinity Health, 72% give the maximum 5 stars.

Outstanding customer service, quick and efficient processing of claims, and the agility and turnaround time of the authorisations department are repeatedly quoted as integral to an outstanding customer experience.

Affinity Health customer reviews

Here’s a sample of what South Africans have to say about Affinity Health, and the service and products it provides: 

“Really happy with the plan I’ve chosen. It has everything I need and all the info was clear and easy to understand. Was truly impressed with Joshua Africa’s service. He was very pleasant and patiently answered all my questions.”

“Thanks to authorisations at Affinity for making our experience very swift with service providers. And thanks Tracy H for providing information when we inquire.”

“Had a chat with Leetonio Liebenberg regarding my account. He was very professional and called me back due to the system being slow. Give that man a Bells. Awesome, awesome service. We need more Lees in this world.”

“Thank you for being very caring and helpful. The process in receiving the pre-authorisation code was easy and I appreciate your friendly, quick service.” 

Affinity Health scores near-perfect TrustIndex

Besides the positive ratings, Affinity Health accumulated a near-perfect TrustIndex score of 9.5 out of 10.

The TrustIndex is a reflection of the company’s credibility. It’s a weighted score based on a number of variables, such as average star ratings, the time it takes to engage customers and review depreciation over time.

Comparison of customer ratings

How does Affinity Health stack up against other providers in the medical aid and health insurance sectors?

Affinity Health is rated 133% higher than the next best medical provider, Genesis Medical Scheme. It’s clearly a one-horse race.

Of the health insurance and medical aid companies ranked in the top 10 on Hellopeter, only Affinity Health has a star rating higher than one.

In terms of the TrustIndex score, Affinity Health crushes all competitors. A percentage difference of more than 83.5% separated the #1 (9.5) and #2 (3.9) ranked companies – a statistic that continued to climb as rankings declined.

Difference between medical health insurance and medical aid

Medical health insurance and medical aid diverges on several levels – cost, governance, level of cover, and how and when claims are paid.

What is medical health insurance?

As the name suggests, medical health insurance is a short-term insurance product regulated by the Insurance Act. Options are affordable. They vary from hospital cash plans and gap cover to primary healthcare and medical travel insurance.

Claims are paid out in fixed lump sums after a health event has been treated. It’s up to the policy holder to pay service providers.

What is medical aid?

Medical aid is governed by the Medical Schemes Act and regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes.

All options, from basic hospital plans to top-tier comprehensive plans, are required by law to cover the treatment and cover associated with a defined list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and chronic conditions.

Hospitals, specialists and other healthcare providers are directly reimbursed by the medical aid company or on submission of a member’s claim. Medical aid is traditionally more expensive than medical health insurance.

What Affinity Health offers

Affinity Health offers a range of cost-effective health insurance options. Policies vary from day to day, in-hospital and combined health insurance plans to dedicated cover targeting children and senior citizens.

Optional booster benefits enhance maximum payouts relating to accidents, ICU and chronic medication. Customers have access to the Affinity Health network of providers, including private hospitals.

What we offer at IFC

At IFC, we offer informed, objective advice about Affinity Health and other health insurers and medical aids, and can assist you in joining the scheme that best suits your needs and budget. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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