Best Medical Aid in South Africa

medical aid south africa best choiceSouth Africa has a robust medical aid sector. Consumers can choose from approximately 40 open medical aid schemes that provide medical aid plans, disease management programmes and lifestyle rewards. The overriding question is this –which medical aid is the best in South Africa?

Paying claims is paramount

The best medical aid isn’t necessarily the most expensive, or the most comprehensive. A medical aid scheme’s ability to pay out claims on time and in full is really what counts.

It’s relatively easy to identify the top-performing medical aid schemes in terms of claims payment. Independent global credit ratings, solvency ratios, pensioner ratios and the average age of beneficiaries are all facts and figures that are readily available and point to the financial well-being of a medical aid service provider.

Best medical aid schemes in South Africa

According to the latest financial indices, there are five dominant medical aid schemes in South Africa. These are Discovery Health, Bonitas, Momentum Health, Medshield and Fedhealth.  All offer multiple medical aid products.

The easiest way to find the best medical aid plan according to benefits and contributions is to conduct a fingertip medical aid comparison right here at IFC.

Choose cover based on your needs

Before you sign up with a medical aid scheme, it’s essential to identify your healthcare requirements. For example, young, growing families need completely different cover to mature individuals.

For young couples and families, the emphasis should be on maternity benefits, inpatient benefits and occasional access to specialists. The best medical aid under these circumstances is an option with limited day to day and additional maternity benefits from a high-end service provider.

Older consumers require more extensive cover for inevitable age-related diseases. Multiple medications, regular blood tests and frequent visits to GPs, dentists and physiotherapists are all the norm rather than the exception in the golden years.

Pensioners often have the added burden of limited financial resources and may be unable to meet growing day-to-day medical expenses. An affordable comprehensive medical aid plan that offers inpatient and day-to-day benefits is the ideal.

Identify inherent risk

You should take any genetic predisposition to major medical illnesses and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems and cholesterol, into account when selecting a medical aid product.  

The best medical aid schemes in South Africa provide cover for medications on the chronic disease list, as well as support to members with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes and HIV/Aids through dedicated disease management programmes.

You can identify the best medical aid for your healthcare needs by browsing our medical aid overviews, comparing benefits and requesting comparative quotes directly from our site. Alternatively you can contact us now and let one of our consultants help you find the best medical aid for your specific requirements.

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