Best Medical Aids in South Africa for 2024

Best Medical Aids in South Africa for 2024

South African consumers are marginally more satisfied with the level of service they’re getting from their medical aid schemes than they were a year ago.

That’s according to the latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index – an independent indicator tracking customer satisfaction with the six largest medical aid schemes.

Schemes were allocated scores out of 100 based on the responses of 3,950 randomly selected medical aid members surveyed by consulting company Consulta.

Medical aids with the most satisfied members

The 2022/23 overall customer satisfaction scores are as follows:

  • Bestmed 78.6
  • Medihelp 75.2
  • Discovery Health 74.2
  • Gems 72.1
  • Bonitas 71.8.

Of the top six, Bestmed is rated clearly above the industry par of 75 points. Discovery Health and Medihelp are around par.

All the schemes, with the exception of Bonitas, achieved higher approval ratings than last year. This is a positive indication, reflecting the industry’s post-pandemic recovery.

Best value for money medical aid scheme

One of the metrics used to arrive at a score is perceived value. It’s a measure of the quality, or level of cover, provided relative to the contribution.

Compared to last year, the entire industry performed better.

Which scheme offers the best value for money? Based on the survey, Bestmed is number one.

Best medical aid scheme in South Africa overall

According to every benchmark, Bestmed is the frontrunner.

It has achieved the highest score in terms of how fairly it treats its members. At 80.6, it’s the only top six medical aid scheme to get a rating above the industry par of 78.

Medihelp (78), Bonitas (77.7) and Discovery Health (77.6) were all virtually in line with par.

The scheme’s expectation versus quality gap of –0.6 is significantly lower than the –1.8 par score. This is an indication that the perceived quality of its options virtually matched customer expectations.

In other words, members of Bestmed medical aid scheme believe they’re getting value for money.

Bonitas (–1.1) and Discovery Health (–1.7) are within par. However, Medihelp (0.1) is struggling in this area, with member expectations exceeding the perceived quality of its plans.

Membership increases announced for 2024

The single most important factor for consumers seeking medical cover is cost.

Medical aid, along with short- and long-term insurance, is a grudge purchase. We know we need it, but we’d rather spend the money elsewhere.

Unfortunately, getting the best medical aid in 2024 will mean digging deeper in our pockets. In 2024, the cost of contributions is going up.

Bonitas, Discovery Health and Momentum Health have announced revised contributions for 2024.

The weighted average contribution increases are 6.9%, 7.5% and 9.6% respectively.

Discovery Health members can expect to pay between 3% and 12.9% more per month, depending on the plan. Increases in the range of 2.7% to 9.6% apply to Bonitas plans for 2024.

Let us help you find the best medical aid in South Africa for 2024

Especially in light of financial pressures and impending hikes in medical aid contributions, how will you know you’re getting value for money?

At IFC, our medical aid brokers specialise in matching individual healthcare requirements with the most affordable medical aid options.

We offer informed, objective advice about leading South African medical aid schemes, and can assist you in joining the scheme that best suits your needs and budget. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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