Bonitas Medical Aid: What’s New in 2022?

bonitas medical aid in 2022

What’s new about Bonitas medical aid in 2022? We offer a rundown of changes in Bonitas contributions and benefits.

We also outline new features, from an income-based plan option for students to a medical aid management app with a wellness component.

2022 Bonitas contribution changes

Bonitas has imposed a weighted average increase of 4.8% on contributions in 2022.

Rate adjustments vary from plan to plan. They range from +6.5% to -7.9%, a significant reduction in contributions exclusive to the entry-level BonStart option.

In addition to closely aligning the average annual increase with CPI, the scheme has capped price hikes at 3.6% on the BonSave, BonFit and BonEssential plans.

Bonitas benefit changes in 2022

When it comes to enhanced benefits, Bonitas has made a few changes, added a new benefit and introduced a managed-care programme for cancer patients.

Bonitas medical aid in 2022 has:

  • extended the Take-Home Medicine benefit
  • increased the age-related entry criteria of the Contraceptive Benefit
  • upped the Brachytherapy Benefit limit across all plans.

An International Travel Benefit has been introduced across the board, with the exception of the BonCap option.

All monetary benefits, excluding oncology, have been increased by a flat 3.9%.

The emphasis on Managed Care continues with the introduction of the Bonitas Oncology Network and the development of a mobile app to enable home-based care for members of the Back and Neck Programme.

AMP: the new Bonitas app

The AMP Bonitas app is a multifaceted medical aid management tool compatible with IOS and Android devices. It’s free and available at the respective app stores.

The mobile app supports virtual consultations with network healthcare providers. It provides access to medical tax certificates, membership cards and up-to-date medical savings account balances.

A wellness component is integrated into the app to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Introduction of the Bonitas BonCap student option

BonCap Student is a targeted medical aid plan that provides cover for treatment and care in and out of hospital. 

Full-time student dependants pay child rates up to the age of 24 and all network GP consultations are paid in full.

Help choosing the best 2022 Bonitas plan

Bonitas has a portfolio of 15 medical aid plans, each with its own benefit structure. Selecting the right option isn’t always easy, especially considering the unique terminology used by the schemes.

At IFC, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry, the scheme and the jargon.

Based on key criteria like your age, income, number of dependants, current health status and predisposition to chronic conditions, we can recommend the best fit for you and your family.

Request a quote online or call IFC medical aid brokers on 0860 766 942 for more details about Bonitas medical aid in 2022 – along with objective advice and help in getting the best possible medical aid for your needs.

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