Dental Assure: Why It's Worth Considering

dental assure

Not everyone can afford the luxury of a medical aid plan that includes comprehensive dental care.

Even if you do have dental cover through your medical aid scheme, there may be a significant shortfall between what dentists and dentistry-related specialists charge, and what your medical aid actually pays out.

Dental costs in South Africa

In South Africa today, a routine dental checkup, a filling or a simple extraction is likely to cost you at least a few hundred rand. When it comes to an emergency root canal, your pocket will hurt along with your face – you shouldn't be surprised at a bill anywhere from R1,500 to R4,000.

Once you enter the realms of specialised dentistry and orthodontics, tens of thousands of rand could be involved. And it's not unlikely that you or members of your family will need dental treatments that fall in these categories.

From bridge work to braces for the kids, from in-hospital wisdom teeth extractions to dentures or dental implants, even common dental procedures can be very, very expensive.

So what can you do to protect yourself against high dental costs?

Dental Assure from Stratum Benefits

Stratum Benefits is one of South Africa's leading providers of gap cover. In 2016, the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) awarded it the title "Product Supplier of the Year: Health Insurance" – and it continues to offer some of the most competitive gap cover products in the industry.

Among these is Dental Assure, which offers three options:

  • cover for basic dentistry for as little as R32 a month – this includes cover for consultations, fillings, extractions and emergency root canals, plus a little extra for crowns and out-of-hospital wisdom teeth extractions
  • cover for both basic and specialised dentistry procedures, including orthodontics
  • a special option that includes cover for basic and certain specialised dentistry procedures, as well as eye care benefits – including eye tests, frames and lens and specialist consultations.

Affordable dental cover if you don't have medical aid

An interesting feature of Stratum Benefits' Dental Assure product is that you don't have to be a member of a medical aid scheme to join.

If you already belong to a medical aid scheme, it can serve as traditional gap cover for dental costs.

If you don't have medical aid already, you can use it as affordable dental insurance. It might not cover the full cost of complex dental procedures at upmarket practices, but it will ensure you have a reasonable, basic level of cover to draw on.

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