Medical Aid for Children

medical aid for childrenAll medical aid schemes in South Africa provide benefits for child dependants, in return for contributions that are added to a main member’s monthly premium. Higher contributions are typically associated with more comprehensive cover.

What child-friendly medical aid benefits should be part of your plan?

It’s important to start by analysing your current medical requirements, based on issues such as family history and your child’s medical history, and to consider your financial status.

You can then compare medical aid schemes, plans, benefits and contributions to find the option that best matches your family’s healthcare requirements.

An ideal medical aid plan offers first class in-hospital benefits for unforeseen accidents, and some day-to-day benefits, such as cover for over-the-counter medications, GP and paediatrician visits, basic dentistry and optometry.

Network-linked or private service providers?

Low-cost medical aid plans usually cover medical expenses only at state-run or contracted hospitals and for designated service providers. More expensive packages allow members complete freedom of choice in the hospitals, pharmacies, GPs and specialists they use.

Upgrade to a better medical plan

If your existing medical aid isn’t sufficient to cover escalating costs, for example because your child has developed a chronic condition, you can upgrade to a more comprehensive plan that will cover the cost of prescribed medications, extended hospital visits, and prolonged treatment and care.

It’s important to note that most medical aid schemes may impose waiting periods depending on your criteria.

How to compare medical aid benefits

Our user-friendly drop-down comparison tool makes it quick and easy to compare medical aid options online. Alternatively, contact one of our expert consultants, who will talk you through all the options and provide competitive quotes so that you choose an appropriate medical aid plan for your family.

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