Medical Aid Comparison Guide for 2014

Medical Aid Comparison

At IFC, we make it easy to find the right medical provider and scheme for your needs.

IFC provides information on everything from individual providers’ solvency ratios to the ins and outs of chronic cover and gap cover. We also offer free consultations, as well as up-to-date application forms and no-obligation quotes for all South African medical aid providers and plans.

South African medical aid providers

Here you’ll find information on South Africa’s best medical aid providers, from Bonitas through to Resolution Health. Whether you want to know what their membership numbers are like, what their pensioner ratio is or what their credit rating and solvency ratio is; it’s all here!

There’s also a rundown of each providers’ lifestyle benefits, as well as helpful information regarding what types of people (student, elderly, new family) are best suited to each provider.

Additional cover

You may need additional cover, on top of the cover currently provided by your medical aid plan, to close the gap between what the medical practitioners and hospitals charge and what your medical aid scheme pays out. This type of cover protects you from any medical aid shortfalls. IFC explores several additional cover options, including gap cover and CoPay cover.

Chronic conditions

If you or a family member is living with a chronic condition, it’s important that you know which medical aid providers will cover the costs of associated medication and treatment. When comparing medical aid plans, check IFC’s chronic conditions list, which lists chronic diseases and links to details about which providers offer plans that cover them.

Comparing side-by-side

Before selecting a medical aid provider and scheme, it’s a good idea to do a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the available options. The IFC medical aid comparison tool makes it easy to do this. It provides comprehensive information about medical aid schemes, including details such as: 

  • in-hospital benefits, including your overall annual limit, permitted providers, available GPs and specialists and chronic cover information
  • out-of-hospital expense benefits (OHEB), including pooled day-to-day benefits, threshold limits and information regarding maternity care
  • monthly contributions for the primary member and for both adult and child dependants.

Once you’ve determined which medical aid plan best suits your needs, you can choose to download an application form or request a quote immediately, via IFC. For more information or assistance, contact one of our friendly, professional consultants.

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