Medical Aid Now Covering Hypnotherapy

hynotherapy covered medical aid insuranceApproximately 6 million people die each year from tobacco-related illnesses, 44,000 of these in South Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that by as early as 2020, smoking-related illnesses will have killed more people than HIV, maternal mortality, tuberculosis, car accidents, murder and suicides combined. The diseases that smokers suffer from are extensive – cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and lung cancer, to name only a few.

All these scary statistics, however, don’t change the fact that it’s really difficult for smokers to kick the habit.

Hypnosis offering relief

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking has a very high success rate. There’s a strong likelihood of patients awakening from this “suggestive state” with no desire for cigarettes at all.

For many people, the mental attraction of smoking is as strong or stronger than the physical addiction to nicotine. For those struggling with the mental component of addiction, hypnotherapy can offer relief, on its own or in combination with nicotine replacement therapy – for example, using nicotine patches or nicotine gum.

Genesis now covering hypnotherapy for “quitters”

Brian Watson, the Medical Scheme Executive at Genesis, acknowledges the difficulty of quitting smoking “cold turkey”. He believes it’s in the interests of medical aid providers to assist members in quitting. In turn, this will help prevent smoking-related illnesses and reduce the burden they place on medical aids and their members.

In light of this, Genesis is now encouraging smoking members to try hypnotherapy. Not just any person claiming to be a hypnotherapist will be covered though; Genesis will be covering the costs of treatment only by hypnotherapists who are registered with the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy. For smokers, hypnotherapy is a non-invasive and affordable option.

Genesis has a large member base and charges among the lowest monthly contributions, varying from R855 per adult per month for its low-cost Private Choice benefit option, to the more extensive Private Comprehensive Premium plan for R2045 per month. Genesis members aren’t restricted to a network of service providers, and instead can use any private or state hospital, specialist or GP in South Africa.

Whether you’re a smoker looking for a new way to break the habit or generally interested in a competitive medical aid provider, Genesis is an attractive and innovative option. You can find out more about Genesis Medical Scheme here, or contact us now for expert advice or a free quote.

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