Gap Cover

Gap cover has become an essential protection for South Africans and their families.

The spiralling costs of private healthcare mean that the gap between what healthcare professionals charge and what medical aid schemes are prepared to cover continues to increase. The result is that even members of top medical aid schemes may be left with bills in the thousands for necessary medical care.

Gap cover is designed to help ensure that members aren't left out of pocket as a result of medical aid shortfalls.

Below, we provide details of some of the top gap cover providers in South Africa.

SiragoSirago Underwriters offers gap and co-payment cover to existing members of registered medical aid schemes in South Africa.

Stratum BenefitsStratum Benefits was established in 2006 to provide gap cover for medical aid scheme members in South Africa. This award-winning, short-term insurer is an authorised financial services provider with headquarters in Johannesburg, and regional and satellite offices in major South African cities.

ZestlifeZestlife offers affordable gap cover products that pay for the portion of a claim that is not covered by your medical aid scheme. This registered financial services provider was established in 2008, and has an experienced management team at its helm.

SiragoSirago Underwriters CoPay Cover is a short term insurance product designed to pay off the excesses or co-payments your medical aid may impose for in-hospital procedures.

Together with its attractive gap cover products and your chosen medical aid plan,Sirago Underwriters CoPay Cover provides cost effective blanket healthcare insurance for the entire family.