Sirago Underwriters CoPay Cover

Who should use Sirago Underwriters CoPay Cover ?

Resolution Underwriters, founded in 1993 as a wholesale insurance placement facility, has emerged as one of the sector leaders boasting a sizeable national presence and a market share that is fast closing in on a million policies. The parent company, RICL was granted an unrestricted short term insurance licence in 2006. With a firm focus on the underwriting niche and specialised healthcare & other short term insurance products, RICL is protected and supported by A-ratio re-insurers and is rated BBB by the Global Credit Rating Agency. In 2012 Resolution Insurance Underwriters changed their name to Sirago Underwriters.

Sirago Underwriters CoPay Cover Special Benefits

  • A low monthly premium provides co-payment cover for a family of five. CoPay Cover by Sirago Underwriters is for all in-hospital procedures apart from health issues arising from the stated standard exclusions.
  • There is no limit to the maximum entry level age.
  • CoPay Cover can be used in conjunction with any medical aid scheme or plan.
  • As a predetermined financial lump sum is paid directly into your account, any surplus remaining after settling your medical expenses is yours to dispose of as you please.