Stratum Benefits Gap Cover

Stratum Benefits has over ten years experience in providing gap cover for medical aid scheme members in South Africa. This award-winning, short-term insurer offers a range of gap cover products to suit different needs.

Stratum Benefits gap cover plans

  • Stratum Benefits - Elite Gap Cover

    Opt for the Elite gap cover product and you'll qualify for enhanced oncology-related benefits; enhanced co-payment, trauma and casualty cover; and a sub-limit benefit that takes the sting out of costs associated with internal prostheses, as well as MRI and CT scans.

    Elite benefits complement the additional 500 percent in and out of hospital gap cover available across all products.

Why choose Stratum Benefits gap cover?

  • over a decade of experience
  • winner of the FIA’s Product Supplier of the Year – Health Insurance award, twice running
  • a flexible range of gap cover products
  • peace of mind, given potentially huge shortfalls in what medical aids cover
  • compatibility with all registered medical aid schemes in South Africa.
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