Medical Aid Types

Below we've categorised the medical aid schemes offered by various leading providers according to their types. Click any scheme for more information about its features.

Hospital Plans
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Health Squared Advance
Health Squared Aspire
Bonitas BonEssential
Bonitas BonEssential Select
Discovery Health Classic Core
Discovery Health Classic Delta Core Network
Discovery Health Classic Zero MSA
Discovery Health Coastal Core
Momentum Custom Option
Discovery Health Essential Core
Discovery Health Essential Delta Core Network
Health Squared Flex
Health Squared Flex Plus
Resolution Health Hospital
Bonitas Hospital Plus
Bonitas Hospital Standard
Bonitas Hospital Standard Select
Fedhealth Maxima Core
Fedhealth Maxima Core Grid
Fedhealth Maxima Entry Zone
Medshield MediCore
Genesis Private
Genesis Private Choice
Health Squared Rise
Income based medical aid plans
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Fedhealth Blue Door Plus
Bonitas BonCap
Health Squared Foundation
Resolution Health Foundation
Momentum Impact Option
Momentum Ingwe Option
Momentum Ingwe-Student Plan
Discovery Health Keycare Core
Discovery Health KeyCare Plus
Discovery Health KeyCare Start
Fedhealth Maxima Dynamic Saver
Fedhealth MyFed
Semi Comprehensive Medical Aid Plans
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Bonitas BonClassic
Bonitas BonComplete
Discovery Health Classic Priority
Discovery Health Essential Priority
Fedhealth Maxima Standard
Medshield MediPlus
Resolution Health Millennium
Resolution Health Millennium Select
Genesis Private Comprehensive
Bonitas Standard
Bonitas Standard Select
Comprehensive medical aid plans
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Bonitas BonComprehensive
Discovery Health Classic Comprehensive
Discovery Health Classic Delta Comprehensive
Health Squared Cobalt
Discovery Health Essential Comprehensive
Discovery Health Essential Delta Comprehensive Network
Discovery Health Executive
Momentum Extender Option
Fedhealth Maxima Exec
Fedhealth Maxima Exec Grid
Fedhealth Maxima Plus
Medshield MediBonus
Health Squared Millennium
Health Squared Millennium Select
Health Squared Optimum
Medshield Premium Plus
Resolution Health Supreme
Health Squared Ultimate
Hospital Plans with Savings
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Bonitas BonFit Select
Bonitas BonSave
Discovery Health Classic Delta Saver Network
Discovery Health Classic Saver
Discovery Health Coastal Saver
Discovery Health Essential Delta Saver Network
Discovery Health Essential Saver
Fedhealth flexiFED 1
Fedhealth flexiFED 2
Fedhealth flexiFED 3
Fedhealth flexiFED 4
Momentum Incentive Option
Fedhealth Maxima Advanced
Fedhealth Maxima Basis
Fedhealth Maxima Basis Grid
Fedhealth Maxima Entrysaver
Fedhealth Maxima Saver
Fedhealth Maxima Saver Grid
Medshield MediSaver
Genesis Private Plus
Plans with Limited Day to Day Medical Aid Cover
Medical Aid Medical Aid Scheme
Discovery Health Classic Smart Plan
Discovery Health Essential Smart Plan
Fedhealth Maxima Standard Elect Network
Medshield MediPhila
Medshield MediValue
Bonitas Primary
Bonitas Primary Select
Resolution Health Progressive Flex
Resolution Health Progressive Flex Plus