Comprehensive medical aid plans

Comprehensive medical aid plans are designed to provide ultimate peace of mind, ensuring all your medical expenses are fully covered by your provider.


A comprehensive medical aid plan will typically include full cover of hospitalization at private clinics, cover of day to day expenses at a range of medical providers and specialists, and cover of chronic medication.


Comprehensive medical aid is advisable if you have or anticipate significant medical expenses, or just want to know that you and your family are fully covered in the event of ill health.


Browse the comprehensive medical aid plans below for more information.


Medshield - Premium Plus

Medshield Premium Plus offers extensive out of hospital savings and covers members at a network of excellent private hospitals at 200% of the scheme's rate. A separate maternity benefit is provided and there's a chronic benefit for 26 PMB conditions and 54 additional conditions.

Medshield - MediBonus

Designed for customers who require comprehensive hospital cover. This plan offers unlimited in-hospital benefits at a network of hospitals, along with appealing maternity benefits, basic dentistry and cover for specialists, GPs and surgical procedures.

Discovery Health - Executive

Offers extensive cover for both in-hospital and day-to-day costs including private ward cover, emergency response services and access to specialized treatment. This is an excellent option for those that require top of the range comprehensive cover.

Bonitas - BonComprehensive

Provides cover for unlimited consultations above threshold with co-payments, major medical expenses at 300% of the scheme rate and chronic medication for 60 conditions. This option is suitable for those that require comprehensive cover with extensive chronic benefits.