Established in 1964, Bestmed is a non-profit, mutual medical scheme. It has over 200,000 members and boasts a solvency ratio of 31.94%.

Bestmed is South Africa’s largest self-administered medical aid scheme. Not making use of for-profit administrators helps the scheme keep costs down.

Bestmed gives members access to a national network with over 4000 family practitioners. Members can locate healthcare providers near them using the Bestmed app or website.

Who should use this provider?

Bestmed offers a range of 13 medical aid plans to suit different needs and budgets. The plans are divided into three main categories – Beat, Pace and Pulse.

The Beat plans offer cost-effective medical aid that’s suitable for young, active individuals and couples.

With more comprehensive benefits, the Pace range is ideal for growing and established families.

The Pulse plans offer network-based medical cover, with an income-based medical aid plan and a network option designed for older individuals.

With Bestmed, students remain eligible for child dependent rates up to 26 years of age.

Bestmed Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • Up to 75% less co-payments than competitors
  • Extensive maternity benefits
  • Tempo wellness programme – FREE health risk assessments, visits to dieticians and biokineticists, family workshops, baby growth assessments and more
  • Excellent preventative care – FREE vaccines, paediatric immunisations, female contraceptives and preventative health screenings
  • Diabetes, maternity care, oncology and HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Bestmed app for easy online management
  • An extensive, nationwide service provider network

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