Established in 1982, Bonitas is the second largest medical aid provider in South Africa. As of 2014 its beneficiary base of approximately 649,032 South Africans includes, among others, young employees of blue chip companies such as Nestlé, BHP Billiton and Eskom. Bonitas has a global credit rating of AA- and a solvency ratio of 30.7%.

Who should use this provider?

Bonitas offers a range of value-for-money medical aid options that provides cover for major medical expenses and chronic medication, as well as out-of-hospital benefits. This scheme is an excellent choice for young professionals and growing families.

Bonitas Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • Bonitas has a young membership base, with an average beneficiary age of 30.6 years; this translates into lower than average annual increases in members’ contributions.
  • Bonitas has a network of 4,500 contracted doctors who provide premium healthcare at fixed costs, resulting in fewer member co-payments.
  • Bonitas provides Oncology Management and Hospital & Medicine Management programmes, to provide members with support and ensure effective management of costs.
  • Lasik eye surgery, dentistry and optometry are covered by select Bonitas products.
  • Any unused funds in members’ savings account are carried over with interest to the following year.

Bonitas Medical Aid Plans

  • Bonitas - BonComprehensive

    Provides cover for unlimited consultations above threshold with co-payments, major medical expenses at 300% of the scheme rate and chronic medication for 60 conditions. This option is suitable for those that require comprehensive cover with extensive chronic benefits.

  • Bonitas - BonEssential

    The BonEssential hospital plan covers unlimited hospitalization at any hospital in SA at 100% of the scheme's rate. You'll also benefit from prescribed minimum chronic medication benefits for 27 conditions, along with maternity consultations.

  • Bonitas - BonSave

    Bonitas BonSave provides major medical cover at 150% of the scheme's rate together with limited chronic benefits for 27 PMB conditions, separate maternity consultations and a self-managed savings account for out of hospital expenses.

  • Bonitas - Standard

    Offers semi-comprehensive cover including unlimited hospitalization, chronic benefit covering 45 conditions, basic and advanced dentistry, optometry and maternity care.

  • Bonitas - Primary

    Bonitas Primary offers unlimited in-hospital cover along with prescribed minimum chronic benefits for 27 PMBs. The plan includes basic dentistry and maternity consultations.

  • Bonitas - BonCap

    A network plan that is unlimited at  designated hospitals. This option is suitable for those that would like affordable/limited cover at a network of providers.

  • Bonitas - BonClassic

    Bonitas BonClassic offers attractive in-hospital benefits, rich savings and chronic cover for 47 conditions. Network GPS are paid for in full; maternity, wellness and preventative care benefits are offered; and cover is provided for radiology, pathology, dentistry and optometry. This "new generation" medical aid plan is ideal for growing families and individuals entering their senior years.

  • Bonitas - BonFit

    Bonitas Bonfit offers generous cover at network hospitals only, along with limited savings for day-to-day medical expenses. GP consultations in hospital are covered in full, and X-rays and blood tests are covered at 100% of the scheme rate. Co-payments are required for certain in-hospital procedures. A chronic benefit covers 27 conditions, and the plan includes maternity, screening, preventative care and paediatrician benefits. This plan provides a cost-effective solution for young, healthy South Africans.

  • Bonitas - Standard Select

    Bonitas Standard Select is an affordable comprehensive plan that offers rich benefits both in and out of hospital, at network providers only. Together with cover for 45 chronic conditions, there are separate benefits for dentistry and optometry, cover for maternity and paediatrician consultations, and cover for wellness and preventative care screenings. The plan is ideal for mid-income earners who require benefits across the board.

  • Bonitas - BonComplete

    BonComplete provides you with peace of mind, offering unlimited cover at any hospital in South Africa as well as unlimited access to GPs and specialists. The plan includes a substantial savings account and affordable membership rates for children.

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Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

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