Established in 1936 as the Reef Medical Scheme, Fedhealth is one of the oldest medical aid providers in South Africa. It's an established and financially secure company, with a solvency ratio of 25.75%, a global credit rating of -AA and a membership base of close on 170,000.

Who should use this provider?

With an average age of 48 years, a pensioner ratio of 9% and a chronic percentage of 13.73%, Fedhealth is ideally suited to more mature clients and their dependants. The Ultima product range has been specifically designed with older people in mind, while the Maxima range covers all demographics.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • All emergency treatment in casualty wards prior to admission to hospital, including general radiology, is covered by Fedhealth's in-hospital benefit.
  • Rates applicable to dependant children apply to single students up to the age of 27 years.
  • If you or your dependants are diagnosed with a chronic condition, you can upgrade to an option with a higher benefit limit at any time.
  • CT scans and MRIs are covered by the in-hospital benefit, regardless of whether they're performed in hospital or as out-patient procedures.
  • Former child dependants of principal members can join without medical underwriting.
  • Seven days worth of "take home medicine" is covered by the in-hospital benefit.
  • Children under the age of 8 are covered for hospitalised dentistry.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Plans

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Standard

    Provides unlimited private hospital cover, limited day-to-day benefits with an above threshold and chronic disease benefit, covering 39 conditions. Cover includes CT scans, emergency cover in a casualty ward and a 30 day post-hospitalization benefit. Members are allowed to motivate upgrades in life changing events.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Basis

    Fedhealth Maxima Basis offers unlimited private hospital cover at 100% of medical aid rates, limited day-to-day benefits and an above threshold benefit as a security feature for unforeseen events. This option is suitable for young, healthy members that do not require day-to-day cover but would like good hospital cover.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Core

    The Maxima Core hospital plan provides unlimited hospital cover at 100% of Fedhealth rates and prescribed minimum benefits for 25 chronic conditions. This is an excellent hospital plan that offers members a casualty ward benefit, a 30 day post hospitalization benefit, pays for MRIs and CT scans from the risk benefit and allows members to motivate upgrades in life changing events.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Entry Zone

    The Maxima Entry Zone hospital plan offers unlimited cover at a network of hospital at 100% of the Fedhealth rate and chronic cover for 25 PMB conditions at a designated network. The plan also covers MRIs and CT scans from risk, as well as emergencies in a casualty ward. Includes a 30 day post-hospitalization benefit

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Entrysaver

    Maxima Entrysaver offers you a hospital plan at a network of private hospitals and limited out of hospital savings. Fedhealth benefits include child rates for full time students until age 27, the ability to motivate upgrades in life changing events and MRI and CT scans paid from risk.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Saver

    This option is suitable for those that require a Hospital plan with limited out of hospital savings but would like freedom to choose their own hospital. This is a great plan for students, who pay child rates until the age of 27.

  • Fedhealth - Blue Door Plus

    Fedhealth Blue Door Plus offers salary-banded cover for low-income, first-time buyers of medical aid in South Africa. The plan provides cover for major medical procedures at state or network private hospitals. Organ transplants and renal dialysis are covered as Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) at state facilities only, and there’s cover for cancer as a PMB at designated service providers.

    The plan also provides day-to-day benefits for GP and specialist consultations, dentistry, optometry, X-rays and blood tests at network providers.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Advanced

    Fedhealth Maxima Advanced offers a good combination of chronic cover, with 51 conditions covered, as well as unlimited hospital cover at any hospital in South Africa. This plan also offers mental health cover as well as an excellent medication cover at major pharmacy chains.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Basis Grid

    The Fedhealth Maxima Basis Grid is a solid option if you don't require all the guarantees of comprehensive cover, but still want to cover all your bases. With unlimited cover at Network hospitals, you'll have top quality treatment when you need it, along with out of hospital savings benefits, chronic cover for 25 conditions, unlimited visits to network GPs and specialists and even mental health cover.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Dynamic Saver

    The Fedhealth Maxima Dynamic Saver is an entry level medical aid. The plan offers 100% cover at hospitals, with non-Network hospitals accessible with a R11,000 co-payment. In-hospital cover of GPs and specialists is unlimited, while some treatments are limited to PMB conditions or state medical facilities. The plan includes a small savings account.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Core Grid

    Maxima Core Grid is a step up from entry level medical aid cover, offering unlimited cover at the Fedhealth rate and access to network hospitals. Unlimited access to in-hospital GPs and specialists is included in the cover, and there is median level cover for oncology, organ transplants and other high-cost treatments. Chronic cover is limited to PMBs and the plan does not offer out of hospital benefits.

  • Fedhealth - Maxima Saver Grid

    A hospital plan with unlimited cover at all private hospitals that are on the Fedhealth Grid, as well as limited day-to-day cover. You pay a lower premium while enjoying all the same benefits as for the non-Grid Maxima Saver plan, but will be liable for a co-payment if you use a non-network hospital.

  • Fedhealth - MyFed

    Affordable, entry-level medical aid that includes benefits such as a free flu vaccine per year, unlimited visits at a contracted GP and a free baby programme.

  • Fedhealth - flexiFED 1

    Fedhealth’s flexiFED 1 option is ideal for anyone who’s young, healthy and single. It offers unlimited hospital benefits at network hospitals, at an affordable rate.

    There’s also a flexiFED 1 Elect option. This limits members to using specific Elect network hospitals and features lower monthly contributions.

  • Fedhealth - flexiFED 2

    Fedhealth’s flexiFED 2 option is perfect for young, growing families. It offers unlimited hospital benefits at private hospitals, along with maternity and basic dental benefits.

    flexiFED 2 Grid and Elect options are also available. These limit members to using particular Grid or Elect network hospitals and feature lower contributions.

  • Fedhealth - flexiFED 3

    Fedhealth’s flexiFED 3 option is ideal for young, growing families. It offers unlimited hospital benefits at private hospitals, along with attractive maternity and basic dental benefits. Includes cover for more antenatal/postnatal classes and chronic conditions than the flexiFED 2 option.

    flexiFED 3 Grid and Elect options are also available. These limit members to using particular Grid or Elect network hospitals and feature lower contributions.

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Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

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