The Medihelp medical aid scheme is one of the top five open medical aid schemes in South Africa, with more than 200,000 members.

Medihelp has a consistent AA- Global Credit Rating and a solvency ratio that’s well above industry requirements. It recently rated first in the South African Customer Satisfaction Index for medical schemes.

The average age of Medihelp's customer base is 37. This contributes to a healthy risk pool.

Medihelp members enjoy a free online wellness programme (HealthPrint), and digital platforms make it easy to manage claims, authorisations, tax certificates and profile details.

Who should use this provider?

Medihelp offers a range of ten medical aid options. These include comprehensive, savings and income-based plans.

They also include an affordable hospital plan and a plan that offers affordable medical aid for students.

On most Medihelp options, child dependant rates continue to apply up to age 26.

A good choice for larger families, the Medihelp Prime range provides free cover for any children after a second child.

Medihelp Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • Unlimited hospital cover
  • Free screening and preventive benefits
  • Lower-priced options with access to extensive private hospital and healthcare provider networks
  • Added insured maternity and child benefits for the Prime option range
  • Programmes for specific healthcare needs such as chronic care and back treatment.
  • Full cover for 270 prescribed minimum benefits and 26 chronic conditions.

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