Medshield - MediBonus Medical Aid Plan

Medshield - MediBonus

Designed for customers who require comprehensive hospital cover. This plan offers unlimited in-hospital benefits at a network of hospitals, along with appealing maternity benefits, basic dentistry and cover for specialists, GPs and surgical procedures.

In Hospital Benefits

Overall Annual Limit

Unlimited at 200% (Medshield's Rate)


Network of Medshield hospitals

GP's & Specialists

GP's & Specialists: Unlimited

Radiology & Pathology: Unlimited

Oncology limit: R580 570. Sub-limits apply.

Organ Transplants Unlimited. Scheme protocols apply.

Dialysis: Unlimited ,Network must be used or 35 % co-payment

Internal Prosthesis: R56 000 per family per annum with a 20% upfront copayment for non-PMB. Sub-limit for Hips & Knees is R37 300 per beneficiary and subject to prosthesis and devices internal limit.


26 PMBs plus additional 44 conditions R17 325per beneficiary to a maximum of R34 650 per family

Out of Hospital Benefits

Saving / Day to Day / OHEB


Member: R13 500

Member+1: R18 900

Member+2: R21 000

Member+3: R23 100

Member+4: R25 000

Pooled Day to Day Benefit

DAY-TO- DAY LIMITS: some benefits are separate

Threshhold / Safety Net

Not applicable

Self-Payment Gap Before Threshold

Not applicable

Above Threshold Limits

Not applicable

Maternity Care

8 Consultations for Ante-Natal Classes & Postnatal Midwife, 1 Amniocentesis, 12 Ante-Natal consultations, 2 x 2D Scans, Midwife paid up to 200% of Scheme Tariff / Rate.



Member: R7 587

Adult: R5 328

Per Child: R1 578









Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

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