Administered by Momentum Medical Scheme Administrators (part of the MMI Group (Pty) Ltd), Momentum Health is a medical scheme that ranks amongst the top three largest open schemes in South Africa, covering more than 130 000 families.

With a solvency ratio in excess of 31%, the Scheme is very sustainable and well positioned to look after its members’ needs – now and into the future.  This favourable outlook is supported by independent Global Credit Rating  which afforded the Scheme an AA rating.

Who should use this provider?

With options tailored to varying needs and the opportunity to save on contributions through unique features like Provider Choice, Momentum Health truly speaks to every individual’s need and level of affordability. Its philosophy further supports the notion that prevention is better than cure and its Health Platform benefits enable members to have screening tests and check-ups to help prevent and/or identify potentially serious conditions early, thereby promoting quicker intervention and better prognosis.

Momentum Medical Aid Special Benefits

  • You can save up to 35% on your contribution
  • You qualify for a free annual health assessment
  • You enjoy free preventative care through Momentum's Health Platform benefit, which includes pregnancy scans for a growing family
  • Momentum's HealthSaver lets you make provision for medical expenses not covered by your option
  • You enjoy instant access to emergency numbers, your member details, claim statements and more through your mobile phone
  • You can earn up to R5 400 in HealthReturns per year from Momentum, as well as additional specialist cover and extra GP visits
  • You have access to great discounts from Multiply, Momentum's wellness and rewards programme

Momentum Medical Aid Plans

  • Momentum - Ingwe Option

    Affordable, entry-level cover for hospitalisation up to a fixed limit per family per year. You can choose to use any hospital, only private hospitals in the Ingwe network or, for the lowest monthly contribution, only state hospitals.

  • Momentum - Custom Option

    The Momentum Custom Option hospital plan offers cover for unlimited hospitalization at a provider of your choice. Major medical benefits require a co-payment of R1 300, except for maternity confinements, car accidents and emergency treatments. This is a flexible option that allows members to add savings through the health saver.

  • Momentum - Incentive Option

    The Momentum Incentive Option provides unlimited private hospitalization and average day-to-day cover. You can choose providers and a savings of 10% of contributions is allocated for day-to-day expenses.

  • Momentum - Extender Option

    This plan offers unlimited private hospitalization in conjunction with extensive chronic cover and day-to-day benefits at a provider of your choice.

Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can: