Momentum - Ingwe Option Medical Aid Plan

Momentum - Ingwe Option

Affordable, entry-level cover for hospitalisation up to a fixed limit per family per year. You can choose to use any hospital, only private hospitals in the Ingwe network or, for the lowest monthly contribution, only state hospitals.

In Hospital Benefits

Overall Annual Limit

100% (Momentum's Rate)


Any hospital & Ingwe Network of providers. Choice of providers available determines premium. Ingwe Network is quoted now.

GP's & Specialists

PMBs at DSPs


26 PMBs

Out of Hospital Benefits

Saving / Day to Day / OHEB

GP visits: 10 visits per person, authorisation after 11th visit,
1 out of Network visit with co-payments and a maximum of 2 per family with limits, authorisation required 72 hours before
3 Specialist visits with limits, 5 max per family

Pooled Day to Day Benefit

Not applicable

Threshhold / Safety Net

Not applicable

Self-Payment Gap Before Threshold

Not applicable

Above Threshold Limits

Not applicable

Maternity Care

R27 200 per uncomplicated delivery and R39 900 per complicated delivery, 4 visits, 2 scans



Income Based: R0 - R700 Network
Member: R407
Adult: R407
Per Child: R350


Income Based: R701- R6 800 Network
Member: R835
Adult: R835
Per Child: R382


Income Based: R6801 - R9000 Network
Member: R1062
Adult: R1062
Per Child: R397


Income Based: R9001 - R12 500 Network
Member: R1 479
Adult: R1 479
Per Child: R435


Income Based: R12 501+ Network
Member: R2094
Adult: R2094
Per Child: R617





Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

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