Stratum Benefits Dental Assure

Dental Assure is an exciting product from Stratum Benefits, offering essential cover for dental care and eye care in South Africa.

Dental Assure is special in that it offers affordable cover for dental and eye care, whether or not you're currently a member of a medical aid scheme.

This means you can use it as dental gap cover, to cover the shortfall between what dental care costs and what your medical aid scheme will actually pay out.

Alternatively, you can use it on its own, as low-cost dental and eye care insurance.

Dental Assure options

Three Dental Assure options are available.

Solution A

With Solution A, you pay an incredibly small premium in return for cover for basic dentistry.

This includes annual cover for a limited number of consultations, fillings, X-rays, extractions and emergency root canals.

Limited cover for specialised dentistry, including temporary crowns and out-of-hospital wisdom teeth extractions, is also included.

Solution B

Solution B provides more comprehensive dental cover.

It provides higher limits than Solution A for all basic dental care, including consultations, fillings, X-rays, extractions and emergency root canals.

In addition, it provides limited cover for a wider range of specialised treatments, including

  • crown and bridge work
  • dental implants
  • dentures
  • orthodontic treatment
  • wisdom teeth extractions (in or out of hospital)
  • non-emergency root canal treatments.

Solution C

Solution C will be welcomed by anyone frustrated by the high costs of South African eye care, including the costs of frames for glasses.

With Solution C, you get the same cover for basic dentistry as with Solution A; cover for specialised dentistry, but with lower limits than Solution B; and a range of eye care benefits.

Included in the eye care benefits are limited cover for:

  • eye tests
  • lenses, frames and contact lenses
  • consultations with eye care specialists
  • personal accident eye cover
  • all risk insurance for the replacement or repair of lenses or frames.

Limitations to note

If you're 18 or older, you'll be required to undergo a panoramic dental scan before Solution B or C dental benefits will be authorised.

Also, specific waiting periods apply. For example, there's a three-month waiting period for cover for basic dentistry, and a six-month waiting period for cover for specialised dentistry and eye care.

All three solutions include a dental trauma and emergency benefit. The waiting period for this is one month.

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