5 of the Top Medical Aids for 2015

South Africa has a robust and competitive medical aid industry. There are more than 20 open medical aid providers in the country, all of which offer multiple plans, wellness programmes and structured disease management solutions.

With so many available options, it can be a difficult task to find the appropriate cover at the right price for you and your family.

To help you find a scheme that’s financially sound, offers that little bit extra and pays out in full and on time, we’ve identified the top South African medical aids for 2015. These medical aids lead the way in terms of size, solvency, global credit rating and unique benefits.

Discovery Health

Discovery HealthDiscovery Health is the premier medical aid brand in South Africa. It's known for innovation, financial integrity and an exhaustive selection of plans.

Options cover all the principal bases and include income-based network plans, hospital plans – with and without savings – and comprehensive plans that provide premium cover across the board.
Discovery Health prides itself on offering:

  • prescribed minimum benefits (PMB) and chronic condition cover that exceeds the legislated requirements
  • a unique home-based health care service
  • extensive plan-specific medicine formularies
  • contributions that are an average of 15 percent lower than those of competitors
  • a low entry-level KeyCare Plus income brand targeting the student market.

In addition to these unique selling points, consumers benefit from new and improved personal health care programmes focusing on defined chronic conditions.

With 2.9 million beneficiaries (as of March 2015), cash reserves of R9 billion and the highest available AA+ global credit rating, Discovery Health is a safe bet.


BonitasWith more than 30 years in the industry and a base of approximately 650,000 South Africans across all income groups, Bonitas is the second largest medical aid in the country. 

The scheme boasts a large and established network of healthcare providers, and offers a choice of seven medical aid plans, ranging from entry-level to comprehensive.

In addition to the regular cover, Bonitas offers a range of value-added extras, such as:

  • optimised managed care services
  • free cover for the fourth plus child
  • child rates for registered students up to 24 years of age
  • infant paediatric and childhood illness benefits.

In 2015, members enjoy free screening benefits. Bonitas also has dedicated high risk intervention teams standing by to assist members living with chronic conditions.

Bonitas has an AA- global credit rating and a solvency ratio of 30.7% in 2014 – assurance that it's in a strong position to pay out all claims.

Momentum Health

Momentum healthWith an eye firmly on preventative healthcare, Momentum Health offers all sorts of incentives for its members to stay fit, healthy and claim-free.

HealthReturns offer cash back, up to R5,400 per year, on contributions, as well as free GP consultations and cover for specialists in-hospital. In addition, it offers free preventative screenings for members, and the Health Platform benefit covers a health assessment per beneficiary per year, along with above average maternity cover.

Also factor in the HealthSaver benefit, which you can use to cover additional healthcare costs.

Another stand out feature from Momentum Health is its outstanding oncology benefits, which beat those of competitors hands down.

The third largest South African medical aid scheme currently has a base of about 226,000 members. It boasts a solvency ratio of 28 percent and an AA global credit rating.


medshieldEstablished in 1968, Medshield is one of the oldest medical aid schemes in the country. It provides generous in-hospital and day-to-day cover via eight flexible plans. It also offers a number of exclusive benefits, including:

  • excellent maternity cover
  • pre-determined co-payments

A member base of more than 76 000 people and a Global Credit Rating of AA- mean Medshield is a solid choice.


FedhealthFedhealth has a reputation for paying a lot from risk, ensuring that day-to-day benefits stretch that little bit further.

Fedhealth also has a sound financial base, with an AA- global credit rating, a 37.24 percent solvency ratio and a base of 74,514 principal members (as per 2014 audit).

  • any time option upgrades within 30 days of a dread disease diagnosis/life changing event
  • affordable child rates for student dependents up to 27 years of age
  • unlimited network GP visits paid from risk in all comprehensive plans
  • 30 days post-hospital treatment, seven days take home medication, specialised radiology, prescribed monthly female contraceptives and casualty ward trauma treatment covered by risk rather than savings on some options.

If you’re uncertain which scheme to choose, chat to our consultants, who can provide expert guidance on the best option for you, based on your requirements.