Health Squared - Millennium Select Medical Aid Plan

Health Squared - Millennium Select

The Millennium Select option provides the same, comprehensive benefits as Health Squared’s Millennium plan. However, it limits you to accessing benefits from the scheme’s wide network of providers and, in return, features lower monthly premiums. Some features of the Millennium Select option are free cover for your third and any subsequent children, an advanced dentistry benefit, extensive preventative care benefits and cover for 59 chronic conditions, including ADHD and allergic rhinitis.

In Hospital Benefits

Overall Annual Limit

Unlimited subject to sub-limits at 100% of scheme rate


Network hospitals

GP's & Specialists

Professional fees paid at 100% of scheme tariff
GPs and specialists: Unlimited
Radiology and pathology: Unlimited
Oncology: Unlimited at ICON network
Organ transplants: Limited to prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs)
Dialysis: Subject to network
Internal prosthesis: sub-limits apply: R65 966


PMBs unlimited
Additional conditions have limits:
Member: R2 935
Member+: R5 882

Out of Hospital Benefits

Saving / Day to Day / OHEB

Member: R11 184
Adult: R9 588
Child: R2 592

Pooled Day to Day Benefit

No benefit

Threshhold / Safety Net


Self-Payment Gap Before Threshold

Member: R4 925

Adult: R3 820

Child: R953

Above Threshold Limits

Member: R6 141
Adult: R5 237
Child: R858

Maternity Care

Subject to registration
Consultations are subject to MSA & ATB
2 scans
R900 baby care as per maternity programme



Member: R4 908
Adult: R4 207
Per Child: R1 142









Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

Finding it difficult to make sense of all this? Not to worry, you can:

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