Income based medical aid plans

Being a low income earner or student doesn’t mean you can’t afford medical aid. Medical aids providers offer adjusted rates on their income based medical aid packages.


These packages restrict members to the provider’s network of hospitals, but offer a variety of benefits, including chronic illness cover and cover of PMBs. Some providers also cover GP and specialist consultations at network hospitals. Monthly fees on these plans are scaled according to your income.


Browse the income based medical aid plans below, and click through on each plan for more information on coverage and rates.


Health Squared - Foundation

Affordable, income-based medical aid with unlimited hospitalisation at network providers; limited cover for GP and specialist visits; cover for 29 chronic conditions; 24/7 emergency medical assistance; and free flu and child vaccinations.

Fedhealth - MyFed

Affordable, entry-level medical aid that includes benefits such as a free flu vaccine per year, unlimited visits at a contracted GP and a free baby programme.

Discovery Health - KeyCare Start

Discovery Health KeyCare Start offers extensive medical benefits and day-to-day cover at network providers and state facilities only. This plan is a low-cost, income-based solution that's ideal for entry-level consumers.

Momentum - Ingwe-Student Plan

Offers limited in-hospital benefits at 100% of the medical scheme rate up to a limit of R1,19 million, limited cover for PMBs at designated service providers and chronic cover for 26 PMBs. This plan is offered by Momentum Health since the merger with Ingwe.

Students need to pay a minimum of 6 months in advance for the scheme to activate membership. A 12 months premium can also be paid in advance to avoid a renewal process after the 6 months have expired. This plan is suitable for students that require a visa and cover in SA as well as local students that need cover at an affordable ...

Momentum - Ingwe Option

Affordable, entry-level cover for hospitalisation up to a fixed limit per family per year. You can choose to use any hospital, only private hospitals in the Ingwe network or, for the lowest monthly contribution, only state hospitals.

Bonitas - BonCap

A network plan that is unlimited at  designated hospitals. This option is suitable for those that would like affordable/limited cover at a network of providers.

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