Plans with Limited Day to Day Medical Aid Cover

Are you looking for a medical aid plan that offers more than just hospital cover? Plans that offer day to day medical aid cover probably fit the bill. These provide hospital cover along with limited cover of day to day out-of-hospital medical expenses.


A medical aid plan that includes day-to-day benefits is suitable for people who are in good overall health, but do incur occasional medical expenses out of hospital. Some providers also bundle maternity benefits into these plans, making them an affordable option for young mothers-to-be.


The following plans offer day to medical aid cover.

Health Squared - Health Squared Prosper

Ideal for young couples and young, healthy families, the Health Squared Prosper medical aid plan offers unlimited hospital care at any private hospital.

It also features an excellent maternity benefit, generous day-to-day benefits, and casualty and preventative care benefits.

Fedhealth - FlexiFED 4 Any Fixed Option

Solid cover suitable for mature families, with unlimited hospital cover at any private hospital.

The flexiFED 4 medical aid plan also includes savings for day-to-day expenses, screening benefits and the option to upgrade plans within 30 days of a life-changing event.

Bonitas - Primary Select

Limited day-to-day network plan from Bonitas offers unlimited in-hospital cover along with prescribed minimum chronic benefits for 27 PMB's. The plan includes basic dentistry and maternity consultations.

Resolution Health - Progressive Flex Plus

Resolution's Progressive Health Flux provides a solid cover base without the cost associated with a comprehensive medical aid plan. Ideal for health individuals and young families it includes unlimited hospital cover, limited GP and specialist visits out-of-hospital and a day to day benefit that provides access to a range of alternative treaments.

Discovery Health - Essential Smart Plan

The Discovery Essential Smart plan is ideal for healthy individuals who don't require extensive out-of-hospital or chronic cover. The plan offers unlimited hospital cover at 100% of the Discovery rate, as well as access to a number of in-hospital treatment options.

Medshield - MediPhila

Medshield Mediphilia is designed for low-income earners and comprises in-hospital and day-to-day benefits covered at network providers only. The plan provides unlimited hospital cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and generous limits, per beneficiary, for non-PMB treatment in hospital. Day-to-day benefits are paid from the out of hospital limit. These cover GP and specialists visits, acute medicines, casualty and emergency services, basic dentistry, optometry, radiology and pathology, up to prescribed limits.

Discovery Health - Classic Smart Plan

Discovery Health Smart Plan is a low-cost benefit option. It offers unlimited cover at network hospitals and full cover for medicines for chronic conditions on the Chronic Disease List (CDL). A very low co-payment of just R10 applies for medicines for acute conditions from designated service providers. Members have the option of video call consultations with network GPs, which are covered in full, or unlimited GP benefits at network providers with a R55 co-payment. The Smart Plan is an intelligent choice for entry-level consumers.

Medshield - MediValue

Medshield MediValue provides generous limited annual hospital cover, essential day-to-day benefits, attractive maternity benefits and cover for 26 PMB chronic conditions. This plan is ideal for single, healthy individuals.

Resolution Health - Progressive Flex

Resolution's Progressive Flex offers balanced cover for both day-to-day expenses and unlimited hospitalization. This option is suitable for members looking for an affordable plan that includes good day-to-day cover.

Bonitas - Primary

Bonitas Primary offers unlimited in-hospital cover along with prescribed minimum chronic benefits for 27 PMBs. The plan includes basic dentistry and maternity consultations.

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